Heavy Duty Mill Sweeps

Southwestern's Patented Third Generation Heavy Duty Mill Sweep (HD3) was developed for clients who wanted a light weight alternative to the OEM pyrite  scraper, but the Brush-Type Mill Sweep was not heavy enough to clear excess rejects and tramp iron.  

Like it's predecessors, the HD3 is much lighter and easier for your mechanics to handle when it comes time to install, repair or replace.  The scraper blade and the shock assembly are both fully replaceable and the entire assembly is less expensive than other alternative pyrite scrapers.  

The HD3 is designed with a chrome-clad overlaid scraper blade which is adjustable up to three vertical inches.  This allows the blade to be adjusted to optimize sweeping efficiency and compensate for mill floor and sweep bar wear.  The blade is loaded with a heavy duty, high temperature resistant Inconel spring.  The spring assembly is loaded in-line with the blade, resulting in fewer spring related failures as compared to scrapers utilizing a torsion spring arrangement.  

Best of all, the entire assembly weighs less then 70 pounds!*  Additionally, customers with large amounts of reject rock or extended overhaul schedules will find the HD3 to be more effective than our original design.  

In general, both Southwestern's Brush-Type and Third Generation Heavy Duty Mill Sweeps offer a great improvement over the conventional pyrite scrapers as a light weight, extremely durable, low cost replacement alternative.  We offer replacement scraper blades and shock assemblies to further extend the life of the sweeps.  We currently have Third Generation Heavy Duty Mill Sweep designs for CE, Babcock & Wilcox and Foster Wheeler mills.  Call today for a price quote for your mill size.   

* The maximum weight for a CE-type 'HD3' sweep for CE-763 to CE-1103 series mills.