Brush-Type Mill Sweeps

 The Patented Brush-Type Mill Sweep, one of our most popular products, is a replacement for the OEM Pyrite Scraper/Plough.  They are much lighter and easier for mechanics to handle when it comes time to install, repair or replace.  Best of all, they are far less expensive than the OEM equipment.

We also offer two additional designs for CE mills:

  • High Mount Brush-Type Mill Sweep: This design uses the existing shaft skirt flange bolts for attachment.  The standard mounting flanges are no longer used.  This makes for a very easy way to replace scrapers whenever the mounting flanges have become worn, damaged or broken.  Additionally, some customers with large amounts of tramp iron have found our High Mount Sweep to be more reliable and less likely to break off.
  • HP Brush-Type Sweep:  These sweeps are exclusively for use with the CE HP-type mills.

Southwestern's Brush-Type Mill Sweeps are a great improvement over the conventional pyrite scrapers offering a light weight, extremely durable, low cost replacement alternative.

Replacement cables are also available, which further extend the life of the sweeps.  We currently have replacement sweeps for CE, Babcock & Wilcox, Foster Wheeler and Allis-Chambers mills.

Call or email for a price quote for your specific mill application.