High Performance Static Classifier (HPC)

Southwestern's High Performance Static Classifier provides all of the advantages of a Dynamic Classifier, but with a greatly simplified installation procedure at a substantially lower cost.  

The purpose of the Southwestern High Performance Static Classifier System is to improve coal fineness control.  Our system incorporates specific design features intended to provide coal fineness improvements similar to those achieved by Dynamic Classifiers.  Some installations have shown coal fineness improvements of more than 10% can be obtained.  

The High Performance Static Classifier not only replaces the original classifier cone with a more effective classifier, but with the addition of enhanced components, the segregation of coal particles within the mill housing is greatly improved.  This improved particle separation is a result of controlled flow dynamics, not an increase in classifier velocity.  

Summary of design features on Southwestern's High Performance Static Classifier System:   

•Increased classifier volume for better particle separation 

•Spin initiator that starts rotation before the coal/air mixture goes into the classifier vanes 

•Larger classifier inlet area for reduction of pressure differential and vane erosion 

•Larger vanes to impart rotation without increasing pressure differential 

•Cyclone Separator Section to rapidly remove the larger particles from the vortex 

•Mill Extension Section increases mill volume; required for some applications  

For a detailed map of Southwestern's High Performance Static Classifier for a CE-type mill, click here.  

For a detailed map of Southwestern's High performance Static Classifier for a B&W-type mill, click here.