HEAVY DUTY Rotating Vane Wheels, Throats, and Air Ports

With intervals between maintenance schedules ever increasing, Southwestern is pleased to announce the newest product to our lineup.  Introducing our Patented HEAVY DUTY Rotating Vane Wheel, HEAVY DUTY Rotating Throat, and HEAVY DUTY Rotating Air Port. 

The demand for increasing time between scheduled maintenance continues to rise.  Our customers have been looking for solutions to increase run time without increasing down time.  Our new HEAVY DUTY Rotating Assemblies are the answer.

As with our traditional Rotating Assemblies, we have combined our years of experience and the mill operating data from hundreds of plants to optimize our Rotating Assembly designs.  Our improved designs allow for reduced air velocity through the throat without increasing unwanted coal spillage.  This reduced throat velocity can also reduce mill differential pressure and internal mill component wear.  In most cases, we have been able to achieve a reduction in mill motor amp consumption with an increase in the maximum feed rate and coal fineness.

Some of the many advantages of Southwestern's HEAVY DUTY design include:

  • Heavy Duty design increases intervals between scheduled maintenance
  • Individually designed for each plant, based on mill operating parameters and maintenance schedules
  • Help to reduce mill differential pressure as part of the design
  • Multi-vane design reduces and controls spillage without higher velocities
  • Does not use deflector liners or require hardened steel or cast liners
  • Fabricated steel, instead of cast, so they are easily installed and maintained
  • Replacement components and full kits available on short-order

We are confident that Southwestern's HEAVY DUTY Rotating Vane Wheel, HEAVY DUTY Rotating Throat and HEAVY DUTY Air Port designs will provide you with excellent extended service and mill performance.  In fact, we welcome any opportunities for side-by-side comparison with OEM or other manufacturers designs.  One of Southwestern's best assets is our commitment to working with plant staff in achieving the best possible results with our equipment.

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