Classifier Cone Discharge Assembly

The Southwestern Classifier Cone Discharge Assembly is a substantial improvement over the OEM discharge gate arrangement in both the Babcock & Wilcox MPS-type and Foster Wheeler MBF-type mills.  After years of evaluating mill performance concerns we have found that the discharge gates on most of these mills are a constant problem.  As a result, Southwestern developed a complete lower cone discharge assembly.  

Loss of, or jamming discharge gates are no longer a problem with the Southwestern hinge design.  Each gate door is individually suspended by two hardened steel chain links that insure the gates do will not drop off.  The new hinge design eliminates the pivot shaft or rubber hinges that so frequently fail from debris and heat.  The gates also have an internal counterweight to maintain a seal when necessary, but are closely balanced to provide minimal opening resistance to circulating coal.  

These assemblies can be supplied as a weld-in or a direct bolt-in replacement to your existing OEM discharge assembly.  Call or email for a quote today.