Computational Fluid Dynamics

Coal Milling Projects (CMP) has a full time Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) engineer within the company that works in close relation with Southwestern Corporation. Trained and continuously supported by Aerotherm Computational Dynamics, this allows CMP and Southwestern Corporation to stay up to date with the latest features, enabling the two companies to deliver the best possible results. Working together with CMP and Southwestern Corporation, a well-established CFD methodology has been developed focusing primarily on coal pulverizer modeling. This methodology has been developed over years of experience with several success stories where CFD optimized geometry has performed with great efficiency. Due to continuous improvements made to the software, the well-established CFD methodology of CMP and Southwestern Corporation is revised frequently to continually improve its quality.     

CFD forms an important part of the CMP/Southwestern Corporation design process; however, it is not the only design tool within the company. The CFD results are compared to fundamental design results to identify localized effects that could not have been predicted.      

CMP and Southwestern Corporation will have a 3D CAD model generated within the software, as well as a 3D CFD model available for their customer. Analysis will typically be done on the base case scenario (as built) to determine flow phenomena within the mill. Post processing will reveal a full detailed flow analysis.      

Based on the base case results, CMP and Southwestern Corporation will alter the geometry and implement their flagship innovations and patents within the model to optimize the base case design. A comparison can be made between the base case and the optimized geometry to obtain a relative performance improvement. CMP and Southwestern Corporation will be able to provide the following to their customers by performing a CFD analysis:     

•  3D Flow analysis (Velocity, pressure, temperature fields, pressure drop) 

•  Mill performance (simulating PF throughput) 

•  Mill distribution 

•  PF pipe distribution 

•  Wear analysis (predicting wear patterns)        

CMP and Southwestern Corporation have developed a CFD simulation methodology with years of experience where by using STAR-CCM+ as an engineering design tool has enabled CMP and Southwestern Corporation to optimize their designs to suit specific design criteria where the results are proven to be accurate compared to experimental data.