Burner Isolation and Seal-Air Gate Valves

The Southwestern designed Burner Isolation, Seal-Air gate, and Diverter Valves have been developed to provide a wide variety of benefits for your plant.  By utilizing the Southwestern Burner Isolators, you can easily isolate your coal transport piping from your boiler.  

This allows you flexibility to work on your coal pulverizers and coal transport lines with the unit ON-LINE, while complying with the latest NFPA code requirements.  Most of Southwestern's Burner Isolation Valves can also be supplied with an Orifice Plate in addition to the supplied Blanking Plate.  This not only allows the plant to isolate the lines for maintenance, but independently balance the flow when the lines are in service.  As always, SAFETY is a top priority for your equipment and personnel, so all of Southwestern's valves conform to the latest NFPA code requirements.  

Each valve is designed for 50 psi rated service, and pressure tested at 200 psi.  We offer a wide variety of installation methods including weld-in, bolting flange and Victaulic coupling rings.